PJLA Testing Accreditation
ACCREDITATION #59388 ISO/IEC 17025:2017


A. J. Edmond Company provides low-cost, fast turnaround solutions to our customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our goal is to provide accurate results and rapid turnaround at a fair price.

Analytical Services

Analysis per ASTM, ISO and CEN/TS guidelines.

Solid Fuels

Specialty Products

Other Products


We offer complete sampling services for all grades and types of Petroleum Coke, Coal, Sulfur/Sulphur, Soda Ash, Gypsum, Solid Biomass Fuel, Iron Ore and many other bulk products using ASTM and ISO Methods, Practices, and Guidelines employing both state of the art mechanical sampling systems and manual sampling. We own, operate, and maintain Mechanical Sampling Systems in the Port of Long Beach, California, Port of Longview, Washington and in Chevron refinery in El Segundo , California . We manually sample at most other ports and refineries on the West Coast.

Hold Inspection, Draft Survey, Quality Certification

Through our recent affiliation with Duncan Shoemaker & Associates, LLC (DSA) we now offer a complete service package including Hold Inspection, Draft Survey, Sampling and Quality certification for import and export vessels at the US west coast.

Pile Surveying, Inspection, and Witnessing

We offer Total Station Reflectorless Laser Survey of bulk inventories of products such as Coal, Coke, Gypsum, Sulfur, Bauxite, and Biomass. We also offer full range of Field Services including Site, Container, RR Car, Barge, and Vessel inspection for cleanliness, contamination, damage, etc. We provide professional witnessing of sampling and analysis performed by others and various loading, unloading, and chain of custody operations.

Consulting Services

Our consultants offer decades of experience in process operation of Petroleum Coke Calciners, Aluminum Reduction Carbon Plants, Waste Heat Boilers, Power Plants, Flue Gas Desulfurization Units, Mechanical Sampling Systems, and Delayed Cokers. We also have experience in experimental design on both a plant and laboratory pilot plant scale. Properly designed and executed experiments lead to better understanding of how process variables affect product quality and quantity. With these resources, our consultants can then recommend and design appropriate statistical process control programs.

Our team of consultants also offers database programming, data analysis, customized reports, training seminars, etc.