PJLA Testing Accreditation
ACCREDITATION #59388 ISO/IEC 17025:2017

Analytical Capabilities & Methodologies

Proximate and Ultimate Analysis

Test Description Reporting Unit Test Method (s)
Proximate Analysis (H2O, Ash, VCM, Fixed Carbon) % (ASTM D3172)*
Total Moisture % (ASTM D3302*/D4931* /E871 / CEN/TS 14774) / ISO 579/3087)
Air Dry Moisture % (ASTM D3302)
Residual Moisture % (ASTM D3302/D7582)
Volatile Matter % (ASTM D6374/D7582 / ISO 562)
Ash % (ASTM D4422/D1102 / CEN/TS 14775:2004 / ISO 1171)
Fixed Carbon % (ASTM D3172)
Sulfur/Sulphur % (ASTM D4239-B / CEN/TS 15289:2006 / ISO 351//ISO  E1915)
Calorific Value Gross, BTU/Lb (ASTM D5865 / ISO 1928)
Carbon % (ASTM D5373 / ISO 12902)
Hydrogen % (ASTM D5373 / ISO 12902)
Nitrogen % (ASTM D5373 / ISO 12902)
Chlorine ppm (ASTM D4208 / CEN/TS 15289:2006)
Fluorine ppm (ASTM D3761)

Ash Mineral Composition

Test Description Reporting Unit Test Method (s)
Aluminum ppm (ASTM D5600/D6349/D6376/D4326)
Antimony ppm (ASTM D5600)/(ASTM D 6357)
Arsenic ppm (ASTM D5600)/(ASTM D 6357)
Arsenic ppm (CEN/TS 15297:2006)
Barium ppm (ASTM D5600)/(ASTM D6349)
Beryllium ppm (ASTM D5600)/(ASTM D6357)
Bismuth ppm (ASTM D5600)
Boron ppm (ASTM D8213)
Cadmium ppm (ASTM D5600)/(ASTM D6357)
Calcium ppm (ASTM D5600/D6349/D6376/D4326)
Cerium ppm (ASTM D5600)
Chromium ppm (ASTM D5600)/(ASTM D6357)
Chromium VI ppm (EPA 3060A/7199)*
Cobalt ppm (ASTM D5600)/(ASTM D6357)
Copper ppm (ASTM D5600)/(ASTM D6357)
Copper ppm (ASTM D5600)/(ASTM D6357)
Gadolinium ppm (ASTM D5600)
Gallium ppm (ASTM D5600)
Germanium ppm (ASTM D5600)
Gold ppm (ASTM D5600)
Iron ppm (ASTM D5600/D6349/D6376/D4326)
Lead ppm (ASTM D5600)/(ASTM D6357)
Lithium ppm (ASTM D5600)
Magnesium ppm (ASTM D5600)/(ASTM D 6349)
Manganese ppm (ASTM D5600 /D 6349/D6357)
Mercury ppm (ASTM D6722)
Molybdenum ppm (ASTM D5600)/(ASTM D6357)
Nickel ppm (ASTM D5600/D6349/D6376/D4326)
Nickel (Hach 8150) ppm (Hach 8150)
Phosphorus ppm (ASTM D5600)/D6349/D6376/D4326)
Potassium ppm (ASTM D5600/D6349/D6376/D4326/CEN-TS 15290:2006)
Samarium ppm (ASTM D5600)
Selenium ppm (ASTM D4606)
Silicon ppm (ASTM D5600)/(ASTM D 6349)
Silver ppm (ASTM D5600)
Sodium ppm (ASTM D5600/D6349/D6376/CEN-TS 15290:2006)
Sulfur/Sulphur Trioxide, SO3 % Oxide in ash (ASTM D6349/ E1915)
Strontium ppm (ASTM D6349)
Tellurium ppm (ASTM D5600)
Thallium ppm (ASTM D5600)
Tin ppm (ASTM D5600)
Titanium ppm (ASTM D5600)
Tungsten ppm (ASTM D5600)
Uranium ppm (ASTM D5600)
Vanadium ppm (ASTM D5600/D6349/D6376)
Yttrium ppm (ASTM D5600)
Zinc ppm (ASTM D5600)/(ASTM D 6357)
Zirconium ppm (ASTM D5600)
Water Soluble Alkali, Ca ppm AJE
Water Soluble Alkali, K ppm AJE
Water Soluble Alkali, Mg ppm AJE
Water Soluble Alkali, Na ppm AJE

Physical Characteristics

Test Description Reporting Unit Test Method (s)
Air Reactivity % / min (RDC-141)
Apparent Density (10 x 20) g/cc (AJE)
Ash Fusion F, (Oxid and Red) Degree F (ASTM D1857)
BET Surface Area m2/gm Micromeritics
Bulk Density, g/cc or lb/ft3 g/cc or lb/ft3 (AJE 29)
CO2 Reactivity % (RDC-142)
Electrical Resistivity Ohm-inch
Free Swelling Index (ASTM D720)
Hardgrove Grindability Index (AJE 23-ASTM D409 / ISO 5074)
Ignition Point deg C (RDC-141)
Lc (Crystallite Size) deg A (ASTM 5187)
Loss on Ignition % (ASTM D7348)
Mean Fluidity D.D.P.M. (ASTM D2639 / ISO 10329)
Pechiney Apparent Density g/cc
Porosity, (MIP) cc/g (AJE 44)
Real Density g/cc (ASTM D2638)
Shot % (AJE 24)
Sieve Analysis (Mesh, mm, micron) % (ASTM D5709)
Solvent Extractables % (ASTM D4930)
Vibrated Bulk Density, (VBD ) g/cc (ASTM D4292 / ISO 10236)
Quinoline Insoluble(s) % (AJE - ISO 6791)
Toluene Insoluble(s) % (AJE - ISO 6379)
Transportable Moisture Limit/Flow Moisture Point % (AJE - ISO 12742)
Viscosity CPS (ASTM D5018)
Coking Value % (AJE)
Distillation % (ASTM D2569)
Softening Point Deg C (AST D3104)
Air Permeability (AJE)
Thermal Properties of Anodes (AJE)

Miscellaneous Tests

Test Description Reporting Unit Test Method (s)
CO2 % (ASTM C25)
Sea Water Analysis (AJE)
Silt loading (AQMD 1158)
Sulfur/Sulphur Acidity % ASTM D 4569
Total Acid Number mg KOH/g ASTM D 664

Additional Testing by request.